Pet flakes

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*Pet Flakes  at...............Ask per $ USD/Ton FOB

·         Grade Hot washed & dried

·         PVC content: less then 300ppm or 0.03% 

·         Flake size: less then 14mm   

·         Other Impurity: less than 100ppm

·         Melting point: 250 degrees  

·         Viscosity: around 0.65-0.75

·         Moisture: less than 2%         

·         Heating/Steam: 80~90 degrees

·         Specifications: Moisture 0.01% Max.
PVC Content 0.01% Max.
Other Contents 0.01% Max.
Melting Point 240 Degrees C
Color Clear White and other colors
Flake Size 8-10 MM

Packing: small PP woven bags.

Monthly Capacity: 500 MT or 500,0000 kg.

Regarding our quality, we have Grade AA Pet flakes hot washed and
you will enjoy the quality, so no need to doubt our quality.

We are going to supply you the demand specification as you have requested.
and we will do packing according to your demand also

PET Flakes Uses:


Fibers can be made of various length and thickness for the following use: • Carpeting • Filler (stuffing) for cushions, pillows, stuffed toys, etc. • Insulation in sleeping bags, clothing, etc. • Textiles for clothing, upholstery, fabrics, etc.


PET sheeting is used for thermo-forming of the following items:

• roof insulation materials (water resistant)

• covers for car floors

• films and sheets (colored, metallized)

• thermoset films

• microwavable food trays for frozen foods

• various types of containers, e.g. clear containers used for fruits and vegetables in grocery stores; packaging for toys, etc.

• containers and pots for plants purchased in gardening stores

• small measuring cups found in laundry detergent boxes, etc.

• plastic cups, etc.


PET strapping materials are used for securing products on pallets for transporting. Strapping can be made in various dimensions and is often produced from green PET flakes, but clear flakes can also be used.

Foamed containers

• Boxes for eggs (made by pressing and foaming)

Bottles (non-food contact)

• intermediate layers of multi-layer bottles for fruit juices, yoghurt, etc.

• bottles for automotive fluids such as motor oil, transmission fluid, etc.

Injection molding

Molded parts (also from glass filled PET flakes) for the automobile industry (radiator grill retainers, door handles, wheel housings, etc.), parts for lighting units, home appliances, floor tile, etc.

PET flakes for technical purposes

Recycled PET flakes can be used for technical purposes:

• adding the recycled material to virgin PET

• paint (super concentrates) for producing colorful plastic details

• compounding/mixing with other plastics (viz. polycarbonate) and glass filling for industrial purposes.


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