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We are manufacturer of brass hollow rods and brass hollow bar with wide range of inner and outer diameters, alloys & grades.


These rods and bars are said to be the best alternative for machined parts which has bore like cable glands, brass sleeves, valves and various other brass components which has bore in its center.

Being hollow, these rods need not require to make bore as done in regular brass rods; so it reduces the production time which would have been wasted in making bore, tooling costing and also scrap.
As brass hollow rods makes less scrap compared to brass extrusion rods, raw material required as input is also reduced and which in-turn reduce the working capital also.



  • Maximum OD: 100mm
  • Minimum Bore Size: 15mm


  • Round
  • Hexagonal
  • Square


Material Grades:

We are manufacturing brass hollow rods and bars in wide range of alloy. The standard alloy grades are mentioned below and if any custom alloy or grade is required kindly contact us for more details.

Free Cutting Hollow Rods

Use: These hollow rods are mainly used in manufacturing high speed machining components with a large hole in it, which consumes large production time in making center hole and turning operations.
Industry using free cutting hollow rods are Precision Components, hardware, cable glands, automobile components and electronic parts.

  • Grade-1 / Grade-2 (IS 319/89)
  • BS 2874/86 – Cz121 Pb3
  • Cz124

Forging Hollow Rods

Use: These hollow rods are mainly used in manufacturing forged components and pressing materials and hence used mainly in making valve components..
Industry using forging hollow rods are forged components, industrial valves, defense components, watch case and automobile valves components.

  • Cz122
  • IS 8737
  • IS 3488/80

High Tensile Hollow Rods

Use: As these hollow rods highly resistance against corrosion and high in strength they are used and making marine components and sanitary parts.
Industry using high tensile hollow rods are Marine Industry and sanitary parts industry.

  • IS 8737 / AMD-2

Lead Free Hollow Rods

Use: Also known as reverting quality brass rods, these hollow rods are used mainly in making watch case and hot forging components.
Main industry using lead free hollow rods are watch case making companies.

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