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Flare Fittings are generally compression fittings to be used with metal tubing. Flare fittings can be made from forging using the cold working procedure. The tapered end of the fitting is secured with the tapered end of the tubing with the help of a flare nut producing a pressure-resistant, leak-tight seal. These flare fittings are very durable and highly reliable and hence are used when the fitting's location is inaccessible or needed for a long time. Our flare fittings can be machined from brass rods or forged and hence the possibility of seepage or leakage is eliminated. The flow in the fittings is ensured by the smooth interior finishes created by these products.

We can mass produce any flare fitting as per drawings/ samples provided by the customer in materials including Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel.

It is important to use flare fittings when you are dealing with a lot of water pressure going through a pipe or are dealing with high gas distribution. Flare fittings on the end of copper tubing should provide a strong connection to a fixed point with a threaded nipple. Flare fittings find extensive applications for fuel, oil, air liquid petroleum & natural gas lines connections.

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