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The tap faucet head is the last piece of equipment between you and delicious draft beer. With this high-quality and economical draft beer faucet, you can look forward to great pours for years to come.

With a body made of forged brass and a chrome-plated finish, this draft beer faucet gives your bar a sleek, shiny look. The faucet lever is constructed from durable brass.

This draft faucet is very easy to use with quick handle action. Just pull the lever forward to start pouring your draft beer, then push it back to close the faucet tap. It’s a great option whether you’re building a new draft system or need a replacement faucet.

This chrome beer faucet fits most North American shanks or draft beer towers. You can also screw on any standard tap handle (not included)

  • Economical draft beer faucet
  • Body made from forged brass with chrome-plated finish
  • Faucet lever made of brass
  • Easy to use with quick handle action
  • Ideal for new draft beer systems or as a replacement faucet
  • Fits North American shanks and draft beer towers
  • Works with standard tap handles
  • Handle not included


  • Body Thread: 1 1/8” – 18 Thread (North American Beer Industry Standard)
  • Lever Thread: 3/8” – 16 UNC (Unified Coarse Thread)

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